Our Approach

We like people, we like engaging them, and we like telling their stories. We’re very good at leveraging these assets to a company’s advantage. Senior-level creative executives work directly with you to develop marketing strategies that work. Need more awareness of your brand and the products or services you offer?

We can help with inventive solutions that can elevate an image, excite media interest, create new growth opportunities and build relationships that help companies thrive.

Our Story

Our agency got its start in Milwaukee in 1981 with a group of talented writers, designers, creative directors and account service professionals. As a new business, Marge Meyer Associates collaborated to find clients in Milwaukee and Minneapolis, and produced work which won awards. It was a good strategy for business development, but it was also effective for our clients, some of whom were startup and early-stage businesses themselves and benefited from the exposure in addition to effective advertising initiatives.

The agency grew, moved to new quarters and expanded its clients throughout the State of Wisconsin. Along the way, it developed expertise in banking and specialty finance markets in addition to its base of retail, food and beverage, hospitality and business-to-business customers.

In 1987 the agency converted to a virtual agency model, among the first in the nation to take this step. Benefits to clients included servicing by senior level creative executives without the higher overhead of a traditional agency structure.

Our creative group now consists of writers, designers, photographers, illustrators, media relations specialists and more, all of whom got their start at medium-to-large agencies in the Midwest. An account team is assembled based on a client’s needs, and a highly motivated, tightknit group goes to work to achieve client objectives. In addition to working relationships that span many years, we have been frequently called upon for special projects and community initiatives.

Today, we meet with clients around the country both in person and via the Internet, and it feels like meeting with friends to accomplish mutual goals.